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Kathi Sikorski: Loving her job is a good "sign"

Kathi Sikorski: Loving her job is a good "sign"

This article in the Grand River Chronicle in March of 2000 by Bart Montgomery says it all:

It was 10 years ago that Erv and kathi Sikorski were looking for a wonderful place to live.  They weren't looking for a business to run, but they took over ownership of Grand Country Mobile and RV Park anyway.  It wasn't only the opportunities they saw that dictated such a decision.  It was the beautiful location along the shores of Grand Lake (Oklahoma) that made them feel as if their new home was calling out to them.

     "We looked all over the country and this area was the most appealing.  The weather here was great and the people were so nice," says kathi.

     Among many new developements at the park...came an unexpected new venture for kathi.  A necessity for signs in the park eventually became a new business called "Signs by Sikorski."  Kathi credits Erv's nephew Jack for giving her such good advice about the adventure she was about to embark upon.  The signs Kathi had designed for the park had impressed her enough to believe the business was a good idea, but Jack gave her the ins-and-outs about materials, supplies and pricing.  Kathi let all of the new knowledge soak in and then took that first step down the entreupanerial highway.

Eight years later, kathi emphatically states that success would not have been possible had it not been for her husband and the RV Park.  She has always been able to count on the income provided by Erv and his private-contract truck driving and also revenue from the park.  It allowed her to take things slowly with the signs and have something to fall back on whenever she became bored.

     "I was able to be patient since it wasn't our only source of income," kathi said.  "The businesses compliment one another."

     After close to a decade of designing logos and signs, kathi said she still enjoys the process and working with the customersTransforming an idea into a reality and coming up with an image that appeals to her customers are what feeds her creative energy.

     Kathi has never claimed to be perfect in her work, but she does know the recipe for becoming closer to perfection with each new challenge.  "Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently (author unknown)" she said.

     Matching an image or style to the personality of a particular business is what has allowed Signs by Sikorski to enjoy so much success.  She does it with billboards, vehicles, boats and windows.  Whether it is vinyl lettering, magnetic signs or lighted signs, they are sure to have that special signature that kathi likes to offer.  It is what keeps her customers satisfied and it is what reveals that kathi is showing no signs of slowing down.       

     Since this article was written, Erv has "semi" retired and used the money from the sale of the semi to invest in a new full-color printer for the sign shop...This machine is what is used to produce the banners and other digital and photographic signage seen on these pages.  For the most part, Erv manages the RV Park and kathi the sign shop and they assist each other as need be.

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