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website design
Signs by Sikorski has evolved from a sign shop
to a design / sign shop   and now offers custom web design providing small to medium businesses with affordable website design. Our focus is to provide clean, easy-to-navigate sites. We are a Northeast Oklahoma based business serving Afton, Bernice, Grove, Langley and Vinita.

I have been messing with websites for a long time.  My first site was created by a friend with the intent of my taking over.
It was designed in Front Page (a web builder tool) and I took classes.  If I worked on it often, I remembered how to do things;  if I waited too long, I'd mess up the site and have to have another friend come and fix it.  Needless to say, for a long time, I just left it alone.  The site was nicely designed and it worked its way up the search engines and is pretty high on the web just from being out there so long.

I believe every business should have a website as an advertising tool.

When in Illinois visiting family, my sister asked me to look at her website...her website?  I didn't think she had gotten past emails and had no desire to become computer literate.  She said that the teachers at her school were required to have a site.  She said it was an online web builder tool and it was easy to enter text and pics.  Since I was on vacation, I had the time to finally look into this.  I wasn't crazy about the web package she was using so I called a few people who were nerds and looked into several other web builder sites.

It was all confusing, but I knew this:  If I'm doing the work, I wanted a package with a phone number so when I run into a problem, I can call and have them walk me thru it.     

--There are several good web designers in the Grand Lake area who handle your whole site.  The cost is worth it if you're making money at what you're good at and want to hire someone to take care of what you're not.  If this is the route you think you want to go, look up web designers in your area and call a few. Tell them what you're looking for: basic, shopping, store, slideshow, etc.   Ask for sites they've built and ask if you can contact any of the site owners.  Ask if you "own" your name (.com).  Ask what happens if you want to go in a different direction later.  Har-Ber village is a good example.. it was maintained by a reputable web design company but wanted to have it so that they could make their changes and updates internally.  Har-Ber Village owned its .com so it was just a matter of transferring to a company with a webbuilder tool and then copying the text (they owned the content).  It took some time but it worked well for them

--national web designers

--web builder programs and classes

--hosting site with web builders; which is the focus here.
With these website builders, you own the .com and pay the hosting company an annual fee for domain registration, hosting and a website builder package.  Then you can do the work yourself or hire someone to set up your site and they can either maintain it or you can take it over.  If you want someone else to work on your site for whatever reason, the site is in your name.  Change the passwords.  Find out from the host site how to give limited access.  

I use and, both have pros and cons.  Or you
can go to for more sites and more information.

--cost...who owns the .com name...who owns the site
--what happens when you want to switch...
--how easy is it to make corrections
--if you have a question, how easy is it to get an answer
--there are free website builders out there,   any catches?
--once again, if you have a problem, how easy is it to get an answer
--do these people speak your language or do they expect you to know computer terminology

online "help" is great if you actually know the question; 
I'll gladly pay for someone to listen to my problem and offer a solution.


signsbysikorski would make sense, but not many people would remember how to spell "sikorski" so we kept thinking about what we wanted to say and kept writing down names til we got to "notjustbanners". If your name is taken, ad the state or town:  forgetmenotsgrove, indianhilssok, spoonbillsongrand.

--if you think you want to use me to set up your site, drop me an email and I'll contact you to see what you're looking for and prices.

--otherwise, call the company that you think you want to use and tell them what you're using your site for, they should walk you thru it for what you need and pricing.
--for example, i wanted a hosting package which included domain name, email addresses, and web building tool;  so far I've paid approx $130/ year for above on NetworkSolutions and GoDaddy.
--go in and pick a template and start designing.
--most of the good sites have a 30-day trial period; if you really don't like the program or support, cancel and go to another.  You'll be using it for a long time, so be comfortable.

the sites on the right are sites I help set up.  Click on the pics if you want to see the sites.

Finally, NEVER  think a question is stupid. You are a business owner not an internet guru.  Years ago I was an intercompany co-ordinater.   I got to help the different departments get the information they needed when the programmers tried to explain why they couldn't have it and  snowed them with verbiage they didn't understand.  Really a fun job!
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